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When you choose ARO Coaching to support you in reaching your triathlon goals you'll get a customized, personalized training plan, updated weekly. You'll see workouts that are centered around your strengths, weaknesses and goals. You can expect to improve your fitness, endurance and race performance.


We'll learn about your life, your family and work commitments, and take the time to make sure you achieve your triathlon dreams (without also ending up divorced!)

Whether you need guidance in training for your first triathlon, want to move up to a new distance, or want to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, we have the expertise and experience to get you there.


What makes ARO different.

ARO is made up of two coaches, Nicky and Adam Ruszkowski, both with bachelors degrees in exercise science. Adam has a doctorate in Physical Therapy, and Nicky a masters degree in health education. That means that your journey is guided by two coaches who have spent their whole professional lives in sport, rehab and health coaching. There is no replacement for having coaches that spent four years respectively studying exercise physiology full-time.

Furthermore, when you set out on your journey to achieve your triathlon goals, you also want coaches who have done it themselves. Both Nicky and Adam have completed multiple triathlons from sprints all the way through to Ironman.


The benefits of having a coach who is also a Physical Therapist.

We strive to get you to you race (if a race is your goal) fit, strong and most importantly injury free. Adam is a Physical Therapist and a strength and conditioning specialist. He has the knowledge and experience to be able to account for any current injury limitations, reduce the risk for future injury through smart, progressive and an individualized planning, guiding you safely to your goals. 

All athletes are set swimming, cycling and running workouts plus strength workouts. These often utilize simple bodyweight exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. Athletes strength workouts are designed around the equipment you have available.

Why does our unique holistic approach to coaching matter?

We also differ from other coaching services because we work with athletes to improve all round health. We use an asset building approach to achieving wellness related goals. Asset building involves focus on adding positive health behaviors rather than abstaining from negative behaviors. Ultimately, this results in greater self esteem and confidence in your ability to implement positive health behaviors into your day. This focus on your broader health often helps athletes improve their nutrition, sleep, focus and motivation to train.

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