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Youth Soccer Injury Prevention Program

Hello! My name is Adam Ruszkowski and I am a doctor of physical therapy, strength and conditioning specialist and director of Summit Physical Therapy in Manlius, NY. I am starting an initiative to reduce the rates of youth soccer injury in the area to keep your child on the field healthy and performing at their best. Knee and ankle injuries are the most commonly sustained injury in soccer at an average of 65% of the total injuries. 35% resulting in 3-6 days lost from play. 12% of those injuries resulted in on average 21 days missed from play. ACL injuries can be a catastrophic injury with female soccer players at the highest risk. This can cost up to $10,000 and 9 months of lost time due to the healing and rehabilitation process.


Our goal is to implement a TWO 60 minute sessions per week program with proven systems of training the body to help them move more efficiently, become stronger, increase coordination and reaction time to reduce risk of injury and improve performance. With the oversight of trained medical professionals that are experts in the field of sports training and rehabilitation, we plan to do just that. To start,  I need some help from you. Please fill out the questions below so that I can see the interest and make the best plan to help your child participate in the sport they love sustainably and performing as best as they can. Thank you for your time and interest!

Would you be interested in an injury prevention program for your child in youth soccer?
Has your child ever been injured during soccer?
Would you be willing to pay an upcharge, on top of your club fee for this program?
If our program was not affiliated with your club team, would you still like to participate?
How far would you be willing to commute to participate?
Would you be willing to pre-register online?
Please select two days and times that woud be most convenient for your child to participate.

Please add any additional questions or comments here.

Thanks for submitting we will be in contact soon!

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