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Adam Ruszkowski is an exceptional choice for a coach. He is genuinely kind and genuinely encouraging. He is realistic. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to apply his knowledge. He is an athlete himself and understands the demands of life, and work and how to balance training among other obligations.


He will listen to you, he will be honest with you, he will work with you, he will delight in your achievements, no matter how small they may be, he will encourage you, he will support you, he will help you, he will be there if things don’t go as planned, and he’ll be there for the triumphs.


If I ever decide I’m ready to get back in the game, I really hope he’s got a spot for me, because I won’t be coached by anyone else after being coached by him." - Lindsey Hoage, Sports Coaching Client


Working with Adam has been a great experience!  I was able to excel at my A-race (the Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco) with a chronic knee injury, chronic bilateral shoulder injuries, asthma, muscle loss, and an immune system disorder.


He is able to work with athletes and understand each

individual need, motivate you, and change plans as

needed in order to direct you towards your personal


Adam also understands the need for focus on injury prevention

not just recovery from injuries. Highly recommend Adam as a

coach for athletic development and injury prevention! 

- Kim Kedenburg, Sports Coaching Client

I'm a road bike racer that fell in love with mountain bike racing. I soon found out that i would experience debilitating low back soreness during races and really limited my performance. I attempted to learn about exercises myself online but struggled to find anything I was confident in investing my limited time in. If I am going to invest 100's of hours in training, it made sense to invest in a professional to help with my major limiter in racing. 

I wanted to find a PT who was also a cyclist to help with my issue. I've worked with PT's that are not cyclists and I feel it is much harder to work through cycling-related problems.

Adam was incredible. He quickly got me scheduled in, and did a thorough exam including strength and movement testing with the DorsaVi sensors which showed me exactly where I was having trouble. He listened to all the issues, looked at the results, and put together a plan.

I did the work, and stuck to the plan, and in every race after, the soreness would flare up later and later in the race.  One month after the appointment, I did a full race with no soreness! I've been having my best results yet and hopefully many more to come!

-Tom Sblendorio Utica, NY

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